Found A Psychologist

I accepted the necessity of finding a remote specialist and this morning found one based in Edinburgh of all places (where I’ve previously lived for 6 years), whom I called up to schedule a free consultation call.

Her website was very promising since she mostly spoke about OCD, complex trauma and PTSD. On the call she mentioned all the right things including ERP! And came across as very clear-headed, intelligent and just a normal person. I feel like I will have good rapport. She also seems way more organised than the people I’ve spoken to before; reassuring. I’ve scheduled a first session for next Tuesday, and in the meantime she’s emailing a form to get some more details from me.


9 thoughts on “Found A Psychologist

    1. Hi, I’ve tried it myself yes, not in a context of being helped by a therapist/psychologist though. I’ve found it a crucial thing to do, it really helped. Unfortunately I reached a point of being beaten down by circumstances where I’ve become to weak to apply it to my worst compulsions without extra help now, or at least consistently. But once I can apply ERP consistently again I know it’ll help loads.

      I actually don’t know anything about EMDR, but anyway in general what is better usually depends on the specific person and their circumstances I think.

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