Still Looking For An OCD Therapist

I’m still following up with a couple of psychology places to try to get some private sessions with someone who’s hopefully equipped to deal with OCD. It really is such a specialist area and skillset.

I emailed the most hopeful option (in-person sessions, most professional-looking) on Monday, and this time got an out-of-office reply that she’s away for a week on holiday. Recalling the first week I made contact with themβ€” when they forgot to set the out-of-office reply so went silent for some daysβ€” it’s good at least to see they remembered this time, haha. (They really were apologetic the first time and thorough in replying so I was totally happy to put it down to a simple mistake). I forwarded my email to the ‘clinic manager’ but still just a case of waiting until they have an idea of wait time. Such is the state of the mental health of the nation at the moment. Not surprising.

I had an assessment call with another place today (located here, but only video sessions) but it wasn’t too promising. It clearly sounded like I was on speakerphone and I was straining to hear and understand them πŸ˜†. They also had that “Oh…oh yeah…yeah…” manner of not really sounding like they are listening or comprehending in a nuanced way. For a place charging Β£90 a session it’s disappointing! My mention of ‘Just Right OCD’ as an OCD subset seemed to take them by surprise. Anyway the result was just setting the expectation of me having to wait 4-6 weeks to be able to have a proper assessment call with the OCD-experienced therapist who would be seeing me. But still, this option for me is just a backup for the in-person one.

The first place’s website describing how they work genuinely does sound promising to me, so I’m looking forward to being able to talk with them more. It’s a seller’s market you see so the onus is on me in being patient and flexible in my dealings with them. Their google reviews suggest it will be worth it.


7 thoughts on “Still Looking For An OCD Therapist

  1. It shouldn’t be this hard to find help but unfortunately it is. Its ridiculous. I found a therapist but they are so busy it takes forever to get an appointment. 😑😑 In the meantime I see a counselor twice a month which helps a little but I need a lot of help lol πŸ˜†

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    1. Yes that’s just it! Thank you. I could see a counselor and it will be helpful at first but mention of OCD usually creates a tension because of their misconceptions about it, and being in a position of needing to correct them is uncomfortable and disheartening. I can see counseling being very valuable once I’ve had first line OCD treatment and got it to be less acute. Hmm.


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