Download HM Government’s PunchAProtestor app today

Our central automatic facial-recognition systems
Provide real-time overlays
Identifying and highlighting in red any protestor individuals in your line of sight;

As a registered user
And upstanding citizenℒ️
You have complete legal immunity to punch down on any undesirables crossing your path.

Go handsfree with Meta Civil Unrest Sidequest Pro
Sponsored by Met Police.

We intend to use facial recognition technology in central London. The watch list will be focused on those whose attendance on Coronation Day would raise public protection concerns, including those wanted for offences or have an outstanding warrant for arrest issued by the courts, or those under relevant offender management programmes in order to keep the public safe.

Our tolerance for any disruption, whether through protest or otherwise, will be low. We will deal robustly with anyone intent on undermining this celebration.

Met Police Website


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