Best Yet

New Salvation Army person
Is the best yet
And I said that the previous time!

From the first few sentences
I thought she’s fully on the ball
Then she even reassured me that, explicitly:

“I’m fully on this, don’t worry,
I don’t mess around,
We’ll do the CAF on Tuesday,
I’m usually pretty cheeky with those,

(Meaning she’ll tell them to fuck up and get on with it);
And we’ll get your Launchpad application done”;

I kept pushing over the last couple days
With the emails
Which resulted in today’s meeting
And signs of movement;

I’ve got the most competent and determined Salvation Army person at the most important time, that’s the main thing. It was also news that they can do the CAF assessment and Launchpad application without needing the council involved.

What she said about the discrimination that exists for young single males in being eligible for stuff was also vindicating and matched up with my experience and other things I’ve heard. It’s so rare to feel heard and seen on any issues at all that it always takes me aback.

Ghost of Misty is haunting the right people ☺️.


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