Three Green


Three green
Is landing gear down

Three Green
On the ballot paper

Sends a message
All is well and functioning

Three Green
Three Green
Three Green

For applause and safe touchdown.

Not a gear-up
Pilot suicide

Controlled flight into terrain

(Three Green Party candidates for three councillor seats).


5 thoughts on “Three Green

    1. Yup lol. Local elections anyway, a lot of council areas in the UK are voting for local councillors today. And it’s been talked about the most I can remember, and many people are desperate to use it as an opportunity to put pressure on the prime minister and government.

      In my particular council ward there happened to be 3 councillors up for election, and 3 green party candidates. So pretty easy choice considering.

      “Three green” is also referring to the three green lights which appear when a pilot lowers the landing gear in a big jet πŸ˜†, and they confirm it by saying “three green”. So the metaphor fit quite nicely even though it’s obviously a bit cringey lol.

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    2. I was reassured yesterday seeing a big proportion of people in online comments very unhappy with the current government, so I’m predicting it will turn out to be a terrible result for them. We’ve never experienced a Trump-like prime minister refusing to resign after so much controversy (as well as in the party in general) in the run-up to any kind of election before.


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