Into The Meat-Grinder

Examples of meat-grinders
Can be readily found
In modern-day society
And as always, my advice is
To avoid them
At all costs
And even though that choice could be seen as a luxury
I have no intention of compromising that principle
At any cost;

The most important thing in life
Has always been living by your values
Values before personal wealth and circumstance;
Some may see that as melodramatic and naive conviction
But to me that is rightly scary
Because it means we are living in a dystopia even in wealthy democratic countries
When one has to consider
The costs of living a humble life;

When it’s something as public and publicly-celebrated as F1
Where we see some of the most privileged people put through a literal meat-grinder
Live on TV
Then you know
That capitalism is advancing
To a later stage
Than anybody should be comfortable with.


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