Number 456

Prisoners who complete the game,
Will progress to the next round,
All others will be eliminated,

The prize…eternal fulfilment and completion,
No more mind games,
All your worries will be soothed;

Why so serious?
One would think, given the high stakes involved,
That I’d volunteered myself for squid games,
And that’s exactly what I’ve done,

Oh, fuck.

Slap me again.


12 thoughts on “Number 456

      1. Omg whaaaaat, thought you were a Christian. More stomach for violence than me (which is easy to do) πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚. I watched it purely for the creative curiosity given what I’d heard about it (I guess everybody’s excuse), then was drawn in by the whole unfamiliar Korean style and good production. I am now watching ‘All Of Us Are Dead’ which is more neutral (zombies) and has some similar laugh out loud Korean quirkiness. I love how logical the dialogue comes across!! They actually sit there and reason it out 😳😍.

        It was a mindfuck to basically watch squid games at the same time as the saudi arabian f1 meat-grinder weekend was happening. Dark, dark, dark!

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      2. Hahahaha, you should read the old testament in the Bible, it’s quite a violent book. Violent/horror is not just bad if there is a moral of the story in it.
        I don’t think I can get into Zombie story. Lots micro sleep when I watch twilight.
        There is another Korean series call “W” that I watched and likes.


      3. That’s unbelievable lol. I had to take a long rest after the first one! And between some others.

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