Dress Rehearsal

(My PIP tribunal hearing is tomorrow…it was in my calendar as tomorrow the whole time, but on this occasion I was so sure in my memory of it being today that I didn’t check beforehandβ€¦πŸ˜†.)

At the risk of sounding paranoid…
I now look over my shoulder constantly,
Whenever going in and out of the house;

Whilst watching Forensic Files,
Was incredibly useful for many things,
It also showed me that people just like my landlord,
Commit murder for much less,

It takes a person as stupid, arrogant and delusional,
As my landlord,
To commit murder and believe they can get away with it;
He shares the classic character profile,
He is the archetypical murderer;

It is also surprisingly common for people to have warned others,
Beforehand, in life,
That if they were murdered,
You should look at this person,

Now I take many precautions,
And naturally have my wits about me at all times,
So ultimately there’s not much risk,
But at least, in the event, especially now that I’ve had my court hearing,
There would be an obvious suspect πŸ˜‰.


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