All Is OK Again

Sorry for making people worried,
And thanks for being concerned,

That’s a lot more than I can say,
For this time last year,

I have a lot more people looking out for me,
And actually understanding me,

Enough to know that, when I’m not being me,
That’s not because I’m just nasty;

I thought I was losing everything,
And everyone was turning against me,

But even my housemate, who witnessed my frustrations,
Was sitting there, concerned about me;

I said sorry, to her,
And her boyfriend,
Even though, I thought he was going to kill me;

I was in a Tesco car park,
From 5 until 3,
And now that the council person and the police,
Have seen what it means to me,

There’s been some movement,
The police told them off,
Together they’ll try to help me (maybe),
To get what I need.


16 thoughts on “All Is OK Again

    1. One of the things the council person said in my first call with her, this morning, was that from those pictures I sent to her (which you saw), the kitchen wasn’t that bad…

      Which was one of the things which really set me back further!


    2. Even though when she came for the house meeting, the house was a lot cleaner, but she got really worked up and picky about the cooker top πŸ€·β€β™‚οΈ. On the one hand picky, on the other not. It confused me!


    1. Thank you! I really do! More than I knew, and increasing all the time 😁. It’s a very strange feeling! Even really recently, I’ve made a few really good friends, and they’re spread over the whole world so there’s always someone awake lol.

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      1. It really saved me today. I never have supportive people in a crisis, the few I had were always always busy in those moments.

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      2. Thank you. It really can πŸ™‚. People all over the world! It’s crazy πŸ˜€

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