Hamster Enclosures

If you live in the UK could you please sign this petition to improve small animal enclosure standards, and try to share with 1 or 2 people? That’s all that’s required on average for exponential growth! Bacteria know it.

I’m aware of the common skepticism around petitions! My view is that they do no harm and it is free to sign one, so from a cost-benefit ratio it makes sense. When campaigning for something it’s important to try multiple channels simultaneouslyβ€” no single effort replaces any other. These things do actually get discussed in parliament when reaching 100k signatures. I think it’s informative to watch some example discussions.

We obviously have no chance of improving any of the biggest priorities in the UK at the moment as we continue our rapid decline into dysfunction and irrelevance, but my optimism on this issue is that it’s totally non-controversial, and it’s hard to see too many ego-driven members of parliament feeling personally insulted by it should it come to being included in a Commons vote. Petitions also help to get things on the agenda, e.g. in media. I’ve managed to convince one of my most politically-skeptical friends to sign it, so I now feel like I could get anybody to sign it!

The funny thing is that I went to create this petition myself (which requires obtaining email addresses of 5 initial supporters) and saw that somebody had created one just 3 days before on the exact subject and with the same wording I would’ve used, which was ideal as these petitions have a lifetime of 6 months. So it’s a great opportunity to try to reach 100k signatures in the 6 months! I think sharing with small animal rescues could be effective and I’ve already shared it with Happy Hamsters UK.


5 thoughts on “Hamster Enclosures

  1. Here in the U.S. things aren’t that difficult. We have Habitrails which is a specific type of house made just for Hamsters or you can use an empty Acqauarium. An Exercise Wheel, Food, Water and Bedding is the minimum, required.

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