I’m Adopting An Older Hamster

I got an instagram account just so I could follow Happy Hamsters UK. I have to grit my teeth whilst using it though. This brief delve into social media has revealed a far-progressed and sophisticated digital dystopia.

Anyway here are some pictures of a hamster named Etta whom I’ve reserved!

I noticed she kept being passed over for other hamsters due to being 2 years old, but Happy Hamsters do keep the most elderly hamsters permanently if they think they are too old to be adopted. Etta is still just as active as the other hamsters. She was also the nearest hamster to me so of course I had to adopt her! Hamsters can potentially live up to 4 years if they are lucky, so who knows. She’s located 40 miles away and there was an extra charge for them to deliver her to me.

I’ve finished ordering stuff but it will be a week or so until I can finish the enclosure.


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