Failed Shopping Trips

Set out to go to Tesco,
It’s got the late-opening pharmacy,

An hour to go before close,
Moving along briskly in the cool air of evening;

Alas, main road still closed,
Because of Mr. Stabby!
(And I didn’t know the shortcut);

Turned around, came home,
Charged back up the scooter,
Set out to go to Asda,
(Open until midnight)…

But I shoulda taken the simpler route,
Than going through the university campus!
Too easy to get lost in there,
And I wasn’t going through the woods!

Turned around,
Sped home,
Too late now,
For either of them πŸ˜….

Me with my penchant for optimisation,
Often falls into ‘traps’ such as this!


4 thoughts on “Failed Shopping Trips

    1. It was, thanks! :). Was quite exhilarating as I was going fast, and roads were empty so I was using those.


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