Lockdown And Testing

With half of the infected,
Presenting asymptomatic,
And the asymptomatic,
Spreading the infection,

Then, short of a vaccine,
We know,
That lockdown and exhaustive testing,
Is the only combination working.

But work it does…πŸ™‚.

BBC Science Hour β€” Covid -19, are you carrying the virus?
BBC Inside Science β€” Coronavirus – Lockdown efficacy; viral testing; surface survival
Global research on coronavirus


27 thoughts on “Lockdown And Testing

  1. It does work, Robin! πŸ™‚
    The people of Colorado are doing their part but having an idiot for a president is not helping us much!
    Did I ever tell you how much I detest Trump!

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    1. Good to hear that Colorado is doing things right! Do you hear of many examples of people going against advice/rules there?

      You never needed to tell me! Haha 😁 it’s a given prerequisite for anybody I’d spend any time talking to 🀣. And one that does not need to be explicitly stated to be obvious!

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      1. No, Robin, I have not heard of anyone that is going the rules that our governor has put into place, we are on a complete lock-down!
        We have a great governor unlike the fool in Florida but he is up Trump’s ass!
        Be well,my friend.

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      2. That’s great Margie! So cool to hear that an entire city is able to be responsible!! Just goes to show, it really makes a difference where you live!

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      3. Robin, yes, but it’s our whole sate that is on lock down.
        The governor of Florida does not care about the people there,
        Fools were in church today and a lot of fools!
        Lots of old people there that are going to die,

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      4. Oh, yes I knew the whole state was locked down. I was referring to Denver specifically as that’s where you’d have the best idea of how things are going.


        It’s been interesting hasn’t it to see how fanatical religious groups are being shown up in this crisis. No doubt they were going to church to pray for everybody! It’s absurd beyond belief! This is very much bolstering Richard Dawkins’ argument against any kind of dogmatic thinking, and thus why following religion in any strict sense is an unhealthy thing.

        Yes, that’s a great shame. One of my followers and people I follow lives in Florida, actually! So they are at risk from that stupidity.

        Makes you wonder how plagues past were worsened by such antics, and many more with nobody knowing how these things worked!

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      5. Oh, Okay.I understand!
        Yeah, the fools are going to church and praying for everybody! LOL
        I don’t need their prayers, I just need the fools to stay at home! LOL

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      6. Oh wait, yeah, I just realised you did in fact mention Colorado to begin with, not just Denver. So yeah, wow, you’ve heard of no examples of people being naughty in Colorado! Impressive.

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      7. The people of Colorado are quite awesome but actually I did hear something last week about the mayor of Colorado Springs, Colorado was not going with along with some put in place measures and it was then that our governor ordered a lock down. I used to live in Colorado Springs for 20 years, it’s a very beautiful city but the people there are much more conservative than Denver. I also used to live in Florida and that is the last place I would want to live now.
        The governor there is a nightmare just like Trump is.


      8. Yep! Edinburgh is the most atmospheric city I have experienced, and one of the most beautiful in so many ways. It’s a place that just keeps giving and giving, however long you live there! There is so much there, and the gothic style runs through the whole city centre.

        The surroundings are also amazing, it’s by the sea too.

        Whenever I look at pictures I do resolve to go back up there! Even after resolving to stay here, because of all the support that I have here! I guess my thoughts will just evolve over time, but the priority is definitely staying here to re-build! πŸ™‚

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      9. That’s quite surreal, actually! This time last year I was living homeless in my car, in Edinburgh. Now it’s empty and on lockdown!! I mean what a very different time, to have been able to do that last year. I was always have to go around between places in my car. Very good thing I wasn’t caught up in this then!

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      10. Yeah. As few options as I had back then for somewhere to stay, I would have had even less now! I wonder if people would have let me stay with them, from the beginning of the lockdown, or if they would have been wary that I was infected already. πŸ€·β€β™‚οΈ.

        Either way, it would’ve been a disaster with my mental health state then! Or not, I guess it would’ve ended that period sooner, some way or another!

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      11. We will, there are definitely positives, and reasons for hope! I can recommend listening to those 2 podcast episodes I linked from my poem yesterdayβ€” they are very optimistic.

        There are known ways to deal with and get on top of this situation, it’s not insolvable. It’s just a matter of applying them. And it’s always possible to bring the numbers back downβ€” you just have to get the R0 number down to less than 1.

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