The Apocalypti

Living like a hermit in my misery stewin',Waiting on a vaccine might not even be comin', Nelson Mandela living trying not to go crazy,Tending my plants try'na get me some greenery! Stabbing my baked potato like I'm subverting the monarchy,Living the retro cos…F**K YOU to technology, Afraid to go out, it's the societal crackdown,Confined to … Continue reading The Apocalypti

Like There’s No Tomorrow, When There Perfectly Is

Yesterday was traumatising,For noise outside my window, I slowly awoke, and lay in fear,At footsteps clip-clopping,Car doors slamming,And engines revving like there's no tomorrow; Turns out,That expression was perfectly-apt,For I waited until late at night,Before going to the supermarket… And what did I find?Lots of shelves suddenly looking sparse!Lots of staff frantically working fastβ€” Oh,I … Continue reading Like There’s No Tomorrow, When There Perfectly Is

Wait And See, Wait And See

Bring it on,Bring it on,Bring on the second wave! Bring it on,Bring it on,Let's be rid of these stupid rules! I'm tired now,I'm bored now,Drop them all simultaneously, I'm tired now,I'm bored now,We'll just blame it all on the idiocy! The death knell tolls,The dead men smells,I have no call for priorities, The death knell … Continue reading Wait And See, Wait And See

Day 825 β€” Stay Alive

Lockdown has become a way of life now,And we live in a totally-revamped culture,Replete with its own traditions,(We all agree not to kill each other on Christmas Day, for example); Society has reshaped itself,At great cost in lives,We can no longer support the prosperity,And the size of population which we once had; Even the currency … Continue reading Day 825 β€” Stay Alive

Lifelong Struggles

A life full of people telling me I have so much potential,Yet never actually having the stability and conditions I need to do that, Through injury,Environment issues,Or mental health problems,Where the mental health problems are a result of: Genetics,Injury,Environment issues,Lack of stability,Lack of feeling fulfiled, All the while with plenty of ideas for things which … Continue reading Lifelong Struggles

Where You Gunna Shit?

To all the crowds heading to the beach,Sitting in traffic cos you're starting to miss it,Common-sense and gratitude gone out the window,You know you're just a try-hard for that Darwin award; Where you gunna shit?Where you gunna shit?Where you gunna shit when you're at the beach? Where you gunna shit?Where you gunna shit?There's fuck-all open,Nary … Continue reading Where You Gunna Shit?

Pas Surprise Du Tout!

Pas de surprise,Qu'ils avaient des morts en excΓ©dent,Et une deuxiΓ¨me vague, Pas de surprise du tout,Γ‰tant donnΓ© que le confinement n'a jamais commencΓ©,N'importe oΓΉ dans le pays entier... Mais il y a une abondance de cheveux jaune soufflant dans la brise,Une abondance de l'hyperbole et l'hystΓ©rie dans leurs mΓ©dias,Leurs espirits remplis de l'arguments faux,De l'apathie, … Continue reading Pas Surprise Du Tout!