Rollercoasters Of Death

Did you implement your height restriction?I hope you didn't let just anybody in! Did your designers do too good of a job?I hope you checked their qualifications! Did you forget to run the software simulation? Come on,I used to play Theme Park World on the computer,And even then I'd test-ride my rollercoasters first,I didn't want … Continue reading Rollercoasters Of Death

Lockdown And Testing

With half of the infected,Presenting asymptomatic,And the asymptomatic,Spreading the infection, Then, short of a vaccine,We know,That lockdown and exhaustive testing,Is the only combination working. But work it does...πŸ™‚. BBC Science Hour β€” Covid -19, are you carrying the virus?BBC Inside Science β€” Coronavirus - Lockdown efficacy; viral testing; surface survivalGlobal research on coronavirus πŸŒͺ

Would You Rather?

Would you ratherβ€” β€”Be working in a supermarket,β€”Be a delivery driver,β€”Be anybody working in a hospital, witnessing death, exposing yourself to infection, working an inhumane amount, with not enough equipment, Or, β€”Stay indoors? πŸ€”? I fucking applaud all of those people out there,Working on the frontlines,Taking abuse,And keeping us safe πŸ’™, The rest of us … Continue reading Would You Rather?


The time of being angry at panic-buyers,I've realised,Is over, The problem is happening,And we need to find solutions; Whilst all the focus has been on isolation,And doing nothing,I do fear that people-in-need may be overlooked; One group we must protect in particular,Are the health-workers,Whom are no doubt (and evidently) so rushed off their feet,That they're … Continue reading Refocusing

Readiness In The Community

Think about being ready,To donate food to charities, This is a problem of feeding everyone,Not just ourselves and our families; We need to problem-solve together,Even whilst some will work against us, The government may step in, sooner or later,Butβ€”They'll be one or two weeks behind,They've genuinely got a lot on their plate; I think full-on … Continue reading Readiness In The Community