Everyone’s A Winner!

Ladies and gentlemen,Boys and girls…Monsters,And,Zombies! Okayβ€”There are zero of those in the first two categories present here…We have only… monsters,And,Zombiess!!! What do we have…? … Well!?Come on! M–m–m-m… Spit it out, spit it out!We haven't got all day,We've around ten minutes, in fact,Before my next appointment!What are we…?? M-m-monsters! And…? Z-z-z-z-zombies! Yes!And what happens to … Continue reading Everyone’s A Winner!


Being dragged backwards,Down the hallway,Screaming at the top of my lungs, Hands sliding through vile things,Bits of guts, brains, all kinds of entrails,Is not a nice experience; It's not a housemate story,Unfortunately,But an actual apocalypse,And I'm feeling totally helpless, But as I'm sliding,I do at least retain awareness,And I focus on all the vivid little … Continue reading Details

Darkness Therapy

It goes better when I write spontaneously,Whilst seized by an idea,β€”It rarely works, with time in-between; Short, impulsively-written things,With discomfort pushing me forwards,It's kind of a trademark; I see,And what's the Zealous Zombie Zeitgeist,Which you mentioned previously? Oh,That's just a way of expressing the feeling of living in the houseβ€”All of the housemates, individually,β€”They each … Continue reading Darkness Therapy