Sorry WordPress

I have to laugh at my earlier post,β€”The one about addiction,And negative side-effects; It was pretty impulsive,And also generalising,WordPress is different,To the ones I've been avoiding; The thing I'm really calling β€˜bullshit’ on,Was the importance I'd attached, myself,β€”To like notifications,And social approval; I do get addicted to things,Pretty easily,Especially in a depressed,Unfocused state; I read … Continue reading Sorry WordPress

Addiction To WordPress

I'd become addicted,To posting on WordPress, It pains me to admit it,But it was pretty obvious; I'd been hesitant, in the beginning,To see all of those 'achievements',Likes, follows, milestones,(Knowing my propensity to addiction); Don't do it, Robin,You've always eschewed the 'like',β€”Hated the idea of it,And never dreamed of pressing it; Yet, what is it exactly,That … Continue reading Addiction To WordPress

Inspiration πŸ’™

It's just amazing, to me,What has happened to me, Through discovering writing,And WordPress community; I've met so many,Of the people I revere,β€”Those who live life through emotion,And are sparing with their judgement; There's some amazing people on here,Whom share their wisdom freely,Born of experiences so sincere,Yet stillβ€” write so wholly kindly; My poems, lately,Have left … Continue reading Inspiration πŸ’™