House Full Of Monkeys

Got a house full of monkeys,Whooping and screaming,I don’t know how they make that sound,And I don’t want to find out; Thought now would be a good time,To try the headphones out,But, of course,They’ve just gone fla–– β€œAHHHH HWAAA HHWWWWAAAHH!!!”,”YAAAAAHA HA HAAAAA!!!!”,BOom, Irradiated by horrific sounds,Silence...Interrupted by––Sudden and sporadic high-pitched explosions; I’m stuck in here, … Continue reading House Full Of Monkeys


β€œDaaAAAD!Now he’s broken my plane,As well!”, β€œSon,Did you break his plane?This is very serious”, β€œHis plane?What, no!Of course not, I’d never do that...He’s an incredible liar!”, β€œSon,Are you sure he broke your plane?He says that you must have broken it,Are you sure you didn’t hit it by mistake,Whilst you were playing with your nerf gun?” … Continue reading Pants-On-Fire

Triple Dare

β€œDo you think,I can kill your soldier,Without even touching it?Close your eyes”, Boom, β€œThat’s not fair!!Muuuuuum!He broke my favourite figure!Tell him off!”, β€œOh,Speak to your Dad about it...”, β€œRight,I let you both live in this house,Peacefully...You, take your toys and go and play somewhere else.”, β€œBut...It took me aaaages,To build that base!There’s sixty pages of … Continue reading Triple Dare