Flat Viewing

The flat viewing went well, it basically looked exactly like in the photos. The landlord (or whoever it was showing me around) seemed very surprised that I'd managed to find pictures online, much less up-to-date ones. They were on an old advert on onthemarket.com πŸ€·β€β™‚οΈ. Anyway there were five viewings in total and I was … Continue reading Flat Viewing

Major Trauma/Journey Through The Emergency Department

Doctor, doctor,My legs have fallen off! PSCCCHH!Salus two-one,We're bringing in a code blue Joe, code blue Joe,Over! PSCCCHH!Copy that, Salus,Code blue Joe!You may land on any runwayβ€”Uhh, I mean…Any ambulance space… yeahβ€” Big Bird Blue,Get off the damn airways,Over!! We need to stem the bleeding,He's going into cardiac arrest! Stand by…Clear! I feel a pulseβ€” … Continue reading Major Trauma/Journey Through The Emergency Department

Anxious Consequences

Sorry if it seems like I've been ignoring people,I haven't,I will catch up with everybody eventually,I just haven't had a good period of time being relaxed enough; I thought I would now, after dinner,But it's been awkward getting that done,Since the most intimidating housemate is in the kitchen, β€”That's a consequence of having done everything … Continue reading Anxious Consequences