Opportunities For Vaccination

It's the moment you've all been waiting for,The culmination of the global vaccination war, The pathway before us is paved with the dead,Wake up, get moving…to pay off our debts! Put down your guns,Pick up the needles,Relinquish your power,To the governmenthuman-harvestingmachine!! I've never been so full of life before,As my veins are pumped through with … Continue reading Opportunities For Vaccination

Opportunities For Mutation

It's the twenty-first century and people are everywhere,Viral replication is advancing like wildfire…! Each new host brings opportunities for replication,Andβ€” subject to environmental interaction,Opportunities for mutation; One, two, three, fourβ€”It's time to go…VIRRRALLLL!! …SPIKE-PROTEIN INSERTION,VIRUS-CELL ADSORPTION,SITES OF REPLICATION,RIBOSOME CANTATIONS! RNA TRANSCRIPTION,DEVIL-CHILD CREATION,HOST CELL MEMBRANE FUSION,VIRAL RE-EJECTION…! Multiply!Catalyse!Diversify!Terrorise! Multiply!Catalyse!Diversify,Re-terrorise! …The possibility of viral gene mutation remains … Continue reading Opportunities For Mutation

Opportunities For Replication

Replications, replications,Immune reactions,Airborne dispersion, Replications, replications,Unlimited supply,Of opportunities for replication; Environment,Genetic code,Gene expression,β€”All factors in determining how often little pieces of DNA are reproduced; The genes which just happen to give their parent organism a greater chance of reproducing,In the environment in which the organism finds itself,Are necessarily more likely to be reproduced in the … Continue reading Opportunities For Replication

Day 1,314

Scientists are still working on a vaccine,Apparently,But with the collapse of society and public infrastructure,I am not sure how it would be distributed; I had hoped that we'd finally learnt all the lessons,That we'd do better this time,Especially because this virus took no prisoners,And even the young were killed off in droves (thank fuck); We … Continue reading Day 1,314

Major Black Swannage

November 2020,A highly-fertile flock of black swans has crash-landed shortly after take-off in Hubei Province, China; Not long afterwards, black swan ducklings begin to hatch,And just as they reach full plumage… New Year leads to increased global travel,As friends and family members reunite to celebrate; Within two weeks,A SARS-like virus which is highly infectious amongst … Continue reading Major Black Swannage

Fire With Fire And Fear

(I forgot that I'd already begun this poem/rant!) Eins, zwei, die, fear!Eins, zwei, die, fear!Eins, zwei, die, fear!Eins, zwei, die, fear! I'm in need of another bodybag,For a housemate zombie has returned,The Portuguese holiday is over,It's time to face the music!!! Virus, rampant,Beaches, packed,Fighting fire with fire,And ignorance! Eins, zwei, die, fear!Eins, zwei, die, fear!Eins, … Continue reading Fire With Fire And Fear

Wait And See, Wait And See

Bring it on,Bring it on,Bring on the second wave! Bring it on,Bring it on,Let's be rid of these stupid rules! I'm tired now,I'm bored now,Drop them all simultaneously, I'm tired now,I'm bored now,We'll just blame it all on the idiocy! The death knell tolls,The dead men smells,I have no call for priorities, The death knell … Continue reading Wait And See, Wait And See