It Cannot Change Me

However people may treat me,Or assume me to be,Can not, and will not,Affect my values; I know who I am,And I know my values,I will always live by them,I would die before I abandoned them. Where my values are vehemently in other peoples' best interestsβ€”Of honesty,Integrity,Treating other people equal to myself and to each other,Helping … Continue reading It Cannot Change Me

To Be Successful?

Isn't it amazing,How deeply it runs, β€”The definition of success,Being how much you've earned? How much of a virtue,Isn't entrepreneurship?To be a self-made person,From rags to riches; It obviously isn't,And never has been,But it runs so deeply that,Even the most well-meaning are infected, It makes for uncomfortable observing,From my high horse,No, only joking,I genuinely find … Continue reading To Be Successful?