Tale, Old, Time

The ashen rock layer,Chipped away,Consistent with the global boundary,A fine lineDefining this long-stilled era; Extant organisms piled on top of each other… Cross-correlation of worldwide sites,A global event, dramatic cause,Perhaps it wasn't an impact,Heavy with plutonium,No iridium…this time; Rock hammer relinquished, claw retracted,The persistent geologist followed the invisible pheromone trail,Pondering what could have brought an … Continue reading Tale, Old, Time

Creative Moments

Creativity,Anchors me back into reality; When there are so many internal mental forces,Dictating where my time goes,β€”Once I've come out of one particular brain state,Whether it's anxious, unfocused, lethargic, When trying to follow structure involves too many demands at the moment,When lacking a structure leaves me feeling empty, once I can snap out of OCD, … Continue reading Creative Moments

Mental Rubik’s Cube

Gosh,When I think of the anxiety,Which has begun many days,The numerous structure-related worriesβ€” "Damn, I didn't get to sleep early enough because of…","I didn't hear my alarm because of wearing the ear plugs","I've already woken up too late now","I'm already demotivated","Now I've already laid in bed for too long, and I'll never get that time … Continue reading Mental Rubik’s Cube

Urge For Control

This urge for control,Of how my time is used,Of maximising opportunities for things,Is really quite funny and absurd; It was rightly pointed out,As a surprising quirk,Given my propensity for rationality and intuition,With all matters significant; But, it can be broken,Through patience and practise,If I can free myself from that urge for control of that one … Continue reading Urge For Control