Ups And Downs

I need to take the same approachWith the arthritisAs with mental healthβ€” Enjoy the ups and the periods of clarityWithout judgement or guilt or rumination And when it hurts, try not to project onwardsFrom the current sensationsThis only makes it worse When I think back, I rememberRemarkable phases of ups and downs with knee painAnd … Continue reading Ups And Downs


I'm not anti-vax,Vaccines don't stop transmission;I am misinformed. Here's the real problem which gets missed with the focus on anti-vaxxers or non-anti-vaxxers: misinformation and lack of education. People who consider themselves as anti-vaxxers or are considered as anti-vaxxers are the most extreme and specific of examples. As I said before, the concept of an 'anti-vaxxer' … Continue reading Misinformed

Addiction And Sunk Cost Fallacy

So much of anxiety and 'paralysis' that I have,Is down to running through these mental thinking constructs, At some point I get 'sick' of it,And snap out of it; It's daily practising this habit, this trick,Which helps me to move forwards; It's easier said than done,And in some moods it can be extremely difficultβ€”Because of … Continue reading Addiction And Sunk Cost Fallacy