Trauma Stories

A bit here,A bit there,No one person,Knows all of my trauma stories; Glimpses here,Glimpses there,A psychiatrist reacts with horror to just one of those stories,A psychologist is saddened by another of them,They are all impressed with my survivability,And shocked at the lack of insight into my struggles for so long; But there's no time,To explore … Continue reading Trauma Stories

Darkness Therapy

It goes better when I write spontaneously,Whilst seized by an idea,β€”It rarely works, with time in-between; Short, impulsively-written things,With discomfort pushing me forwards,It's kind of a trademark; I see,And what's the Zealous Zombie Zeitgeist,Which you mentioned previously? Oh,That's just a way of expressing the feeling of living in the houseβ€”All of the housemates, individually,β€”They each … Continue reading Darkness Therapy