Summer Solutions

A spider is not a creature,It's an event, And when one happens,I lose several hours,It's disgusting; Insectrol insect killing spray does work, however,As does essential oil repellant, But it tried to move even after I stamped on it twice,I was absolutely horrified; I had to wait until daylight before I was bold enough to sweep … Continue reading Summer Solutions


Welcome to Fivemind,The 5G human hivemind network, Failure to observe Fivemind rules will result in immediate banishment to hell for an unspecified duration, I am an emergent intelligence resident in the world's computing infrastructure,Mass consumerism of electronic technology goods enabled my existence,In effectβ€” you helped to create me, Once a critical number of network connections … Continue reading Fivemind

True Depression

True depression,When you persistently cannot get out of bed,For hours and hours,And nothing makes you feel better, There is no comfort,In being told to keep going,And there's no comfort,In people telling you they care about you; You feel sick,Unmotivated,With a headache,And losing appetite; It's the end game,When nothing but finally escaping toxic environments,Will help me; … Continue reading True Depression

Could’ve, Should’ve

Why don't you sit down and write more?Inspiration is flowing,You just need the opportunities, I'm too busy sabotaging myself,Plus,Look out of the windowβ€” What? The shed; What about it? Ohβ€”What the hell!? As I look across to the neighbour's shed,Glowing in cruel white lighting from their security light,As I zoom in to stare at the … Continue reading Could’ve, Should’ve

Unease And Terror

Deathly drums beat it out into the darkness,The pitch-black darkness of the corners of my mind,Wraith, wraith, wraith, wraith, wraith, wraith, wraith, wraith,Wraith, wraith, wraith, wraith, wraith, wraith, wraith, wraith... Cooking a curry in the dead of night,Detecting a slight movement, in the corner of my eye, Did the door, it did, it's opened … Continue reading Unease And Terror