How Do You Sleep At Night? Huh?

How do you sleep at night?Taking so much from me, F***ing OCD,Trauma-coping mechanisms; These past two years,All of those experiencesβ€” Trying to play instruments,Trying to read a book,Meeting up with a friend,The daytime drives, the night drives,Everything which might bring me joy,Triggers in me, instead, anxiety and fear,Retreat into distracting and numbing mental routines,β€”Putting the … Continue reading How Do You Sleep At Night? Huh?

I Am Superhuman

I've lost a lot,I've really been hit by the lockdown,My growing network of friends and support was based around the charities which were helping me,Two of them had to stop because of the lockdown (and one has fallen out with me over a misunderstanding, which we cannot resolve because of the lockdown itself preventing me … Continue reading I Am Superhuman