Surviving In Hell

I'm still in hell,Remember,Stop judging everything; If you thought that this summer,You'd finally accomplish more,You were expecting too much,Too soon; Besides,All seasons are equal,In their merits; The barriers and obstacles and difficulties,I'm already overcoming,Are immense, It's easy to forget,When you have high standards,Expectations,And optimism, Why does that have to be coupled,With so much rumination? Why … Continue reading Surviving In Hell

Five Questions

Captain Smith, it's been two weeks since your incredible…unbelievable rescue from the Pacific Ocean,How are you holding up!? Oh, ah…It's been a crazy two weeks that's for sure. Considering everything, I'm doing very well, thank you! It's amazing how the body recovers when it has what it needs. Is it true that you wrestled a … Continue reading Five Questions

The Sheltering 2

Who knew if we would find survivors,This long after the Fall,We'd suffered losses over the years,And all longed for new human connections, What we lacked in medical expertise we made up for in engineering ability,But we needed to diversify,…And we were simply curious; It was a long, long shot in the dark,Attempting to connect the … Continue reading The Sheltering 2

Dare To Hope

Daringtohope… Whilsttryingnot to; Could itreallyhappen…this time? I've collected 8 documents in support of my need for my own placeβ€” from charities who've helped me, a GP, a community mental health nurse and a psychiatrist (my autism and OCD diagnosis reports). It is in the council's hands now, as they have done another 'homelessness risk assessment' … Continue reading Dare To Hope


What to do,When family is stalking you?When after too much trauma,You cannot hear from them? When you don't want to share anymore of yourself,Even when it's passive,Via observing your creations; Damn, damn, damn; I tried to cut the contact,Cut it cleanly,To separate myself,From that external dΓ¦mon, "Intercision was the process by which a human was … Continue reading Intercision

Mental Health Spaces

Well…I've finished my project,Of becoming self-sufficient,β€”I no longer need anything from the house,Except resupplies of water; Once every few days, I undertake a lonely voyage,Walking the long path through wastelands, aghast,(to the kitchen/bathroom),Carrying my empty jugs; The mental health benefits, so far,Have been enormous!I no longer care about the state of the house,β€”It's none of … Continue reading Mental Health Spaces