Summer Solutions

A spider is not a creature,It's an event, And when one happens,I lose several hours,It's disgusting; Insectrol insect killing spray does work, however,As does essential oil repellant, But it tried to move even after I stamped on it twice,I was absolutely horrified; I had to wait until daylight before I was bold enough to sweep … Continue reading Summer Solutions

Nae Spring

And so we've gone, once again,Straight from mid-winter into mid-summer, Only one week ago,The car windows were iced, Now everything's blooming,And it's t-shirt weather; This strange annual weather,Of Southern England...Whilst up there in Scotland,The seasons go like this: Shite,Shite,Summer,Shite, And I know where I'd rather be,(Scotland). First day of my Scottish road trip, start of … Continue reading Nae Spring