Philosophical Perspectives On Struggle

Everyone reaches their limit at some point,And when that happens, shutting down is the right thing to do,You can never feel bad or guilty for that; When it's either that or killing yourself,You have nothing to lose; It's at that point that you put your community and supportive relationships and whatever safety net welfare system … Continue reading Philosophical Perspectives On Struggle

Things Which I’m Proud Of

Things which I can be proud ofβ€” I've found adaptations to minimise the constant stress of external noise from the city-centre street which I live on, so that I mostly don't notice it.I've survived the zombie housemate.I've carved out this bubble of peace in my room by using some creativity and ingenuity, being able to … Continue reading Things Which I’m Proud Of

The Hidden Achievement

A year ago, I used to say to myselfβ€”I survived the seven months in the car,Survived countless low-points and bottlenecks to survival,I'm awesome, man, And take comfort from that when feeling anxious,When feeling scared to walk around the supermarket,Caught up in anxious OCD rituals and feeling very self-conscious; It's easy to do so when there's … Continue reading The Hidden Achievement

Momentum For Change

I still can't breathe,I still can't breathe,And I won't breathe,Until the weight has been lifted, Not just for George Floyd,Or for other black Americans,But for all victims of authority and injustice,Of which there are too many, It is always there,And I feel terrible for each example; Yes, some hit closer to home than others,But the … Continue reading Momentum For Change

More Twisted Spacetimes And Chaotic Thoughts

Get out of bed,And write a poem you old fool; Caught in another black hole,Of deeply-twisted miseries, How to forgive the damages from stress,Before beginning to move forwards? How to forgive the stress lines in my primodial spacetime,The curvatures, the voids,The whirlpools of dark energies; How to forgive the trail of destruction,It's wrought through my … Continue reading More Twisted Spacetimes And Chaotic Thoughts

From The Abysses Of Chaos

It's really quite criminal,The depths to which I sunk, at times,Last year,Living in the car; Just to give an exampleβ€”One day, going to the swimming pool last June,I spent about 3 hours in the changing rooms,(This happened more than once),β€”Stuck, in OCD rituals,Amidst the simple process of getting changed; That alone is heartbreaking,And by the … Continue reading From The Abysses Of Chaos