Philosophical Perspectives On Struggle

Everyone reaches their limit at some point,And when that happens, shutting down is the right thing to do,You can never feel bad or guilty for that; When it's either that or killing yourself,You have nothing to lose; It's at that point that you put your community and supportive relationships and whatever safety net welfare system … Continue reading Philosophical Perspectives On Struggle

OCD, Difficulty And Capabilities

OCD without support is the hardest thing in the world,Not that OCD with support is necessarily easy (I imagine), But OCD without support is like having your legs blown off,And not being given prosthetics or physiotherapy; It's the most difficult thing I've ever experienced,Especially because my current circumstances encourage relapses and loss of hard-won progress. … Continue reading OCD, Difficulty And Capabilities

Hang In There, Me

Hang in there, me,Hang in there, me,Things are starting to come towards me, I've raised more than the target,So thank you to everybody!And I've chosen the perfect psychiatrist,I just wish it wasn't a weekend now! But never mind,This psychiatrist is perfect,They will understand my whole situation,I just cannot wait for that; And I so want … Continue reading Hang In There, Me

God Does Not Play Dice

He plays dice with Rubik's Cubes. I've often used the following trick,To make difficult things seem easierβ€” I tell myself,At least it's not as hard as quantum mechanics,Which has never failed me; However, it now begs the questionβ€” Which is easier... Doing quantum mechanics with a more-or-less healthy mind?Recovering from trauma-induced OCD and dissociative habits? … Continue reading God Does Not Play Dice