Sarah Next Door

Thank god for Sarah from Stepping Forward,And her deep and personal understanding of autistic issues!She was out of action from surgery for a while,I couldn't ask for help with the council house-moving, But now, she's back (better than ever),And written me an awesome letter!We'll make some small adjustments,But, some awesome excerptsβ€” "We are a small … Continue reading Sarah Next Door

Anxious Consequences

Sorry if it seems like I've been ignoring people,I haven't,I will catch up with everybody eventually,I just haven't had a good period of time being relaxed enough; I thought I would now, after dinner,But it's been awkward getting that done,Since the most intimidating housemate is in the kitchen, β€”That's a consequence of having done everything … Continue reading Anxious Consequences

Mental Health Impacts Consolidated

My housemates,Are wearing me down, It becomes very difficult,To get out of bed,When I want to get moving quickly,But that's always when one of them is in the kitchen; Being around any of them,Triggers an instant anger response,At their relentless selfishness,And communal apathy, That's besides the alcoholism,Smoking,Arrogant breaking of lockdown,Everything; I'm trying to get back … Continue reading Mental Health Impacts Consolidated