A Concerning Detail

I received a weird response from the benefits advisor after emailing him this week to double-check that he's still ok to come to the Work Capability Assessment next Tuesday morning. Considering the fact that he wasn't able to come to my first one back in February 2020 (which went against me), and his subsequent emphatic … Continue reading A Concerning Detail

Another Solution

The solutions which keep me going,Amidst an environment which makes no sense,And people whom defy explanation, Are a reflection of some amount of fortune for which I am glad,And my cast-iron will and indignation to make it through,Solving problems one by one,To survive and look back at this fucking place from safety. If you haven't … Continue reading Another Solution

Housemate F Is Gone!!??

Ding dong housemate F is dead πŸ˜‚. It seems that the wanted housemate's lock has been replaced!!! I just went out the front of the house and saw a couple of discarded door locks on a shelf by the front door πŸ‘€πŸ‘€πŸ‘€. He's already been barred from the house!!?? Probably had an actual court eviction … Continue reading Housemate F Is Gone!!??

Incidents In The Middle Of The Night

Ok, so…I heard a knocking in the middle of the night, on my window once again,Was already tense because I'd stayed up to find out what happened in the F1 race, I was nervous about it because of a dangerous track, I'd really just wanted to check nobody died;Just finished watching it when I thought … Continue reading Incidents In The Middle Of The Night

The Hole I Got Into

I just read on an OCD forumβ€”Do something which requires your attention and you'll soon forget about the obsession; The hole I fell into over the last few years was that I can no longer do that; Always exercise was the miracle cureβ€” the endorphins, adrenaline, dopamine and serotonin left my head clear and all … Continue reading The Hole I Got Into