If I stick to what I know,And who I am,They can't touch that; Evidence is mounting,They incriminate themselves, for free,Whilst more people join with me; I don't know why I'm a drama magnet,But harassment will not stand,I strongly believe in what's right and wrong,Perhaps that's why they feel so wronged. Guess what those 'complaints' were?There … Continue reading Wrong’Uns

Reaching Out

There is nothing more humbling than hearing the difficulties of others,Than being the person whom somebody else is turning to,Hearing another's tears, as they're experiencing something you've felt, It's shattering, heart-breaking, a helpless feeling, I would go to the ends of the Earth to help somebody out of it,To listen to them talk about it,Anybody; … Continue reading Reaching Out


Being dragged backwards,Down the hallway,Screaming at the top of my lungs, Hands sliding through vile things,Bits of guts, brains, all kinds of entrails,Is not a nice experience; It's not a housemate story,Unfortunately,But an actual apocalypse,And I'm feeling totally helpless, But as I'm sliding,I do at least retain awareness,And I focus on all the vivid little … Continue reading Details

The Music That Heals Me 2

Music was such a crucial pillar of support,Throughout last year,The time in the car,With the terrible loneliness,And all that had happened before, Reaching a point, every day,Of deciding whether to go forwards, or not,And finding some thing, in the moment,Which could be done; A few important songs,Appealed to me strongly then,And this one resonated so … Continue reading The Music That Heals Me 2

It Cannot Change Me

However people may treat me,Or assume me to be,Can not, and will not,Affect my values; I know who I am,And I know my values,I will always live by them,I would die before I abandoned them. Where my values are vehemently in other peoples' best interestsβ€”Of honesty,Integrity,Treating other people equal to myself and to each other,Helping … Continue reading It Cannot Change Me

The Music That Heals Me

It's amazing what music can do,Sometimes; There was a period when music held no joy anymore,Those songs which I'd listened to, played and even sung,Practised every day,Without distraction or dissociation; What a heartbreak to have been so depressed,That not even music could help,In fact music would just remind me of how far I'd fallen; And … Continue reading The Music That Heals Me