Into The Red And Back

Such is the convoluted and peculiar nature of it… There are decades where nothing happens,And weeks where decades happen, Just as there are vast swathes of country where nothing happens,And singular locations where a country's worth of history happens; Nobody asked for simultaneous global events,Successive disasters casting the previous into new perspectives,But this exquisite geographical … Continue reading Into The Red And Back

Tale, Old, Time

The ashen rock layer,Chipped away,Consistent with the global boundary,A fine lineDefining this long-stilled era; Extant organisms piled on top of each other… Cross-correlation of worldwide sites,A global event, dramatic cause,Perhaps it wasn't an impact,Heavy with plutonium,No iridium…this time; Rock hammer relinquished, claw retracted,The persistent geologist followed the invisible pheromone trail,Pondering what could have brought an … Continue reading Tale, Old, Time

The Plods Come Marching…AGAIN!

Seriously, I have enough I'm dealing with…with OCD, trying to accomplish things, and I was lying on my bed recovering from the stress of it all having finally managed to wash, when… knock knock knock What the fuck. Knocking on my window again, seriously? I waited… knock knock knock Checked my security camera feed…black vests … Continue reading The Plods Come Marching…AGAIN!

Normal Wild Goose Chases And Tails

Story of my life,I'm at the supermarket,About to pay for everything… β€”Where is my bank card!!!???How can it possibly not be in there,For it never has to leave the phone case!! And of course, purely because Apple Pay still doesn't work,I had to just come back home; Then, as always, just as I got back … Continue reading Normal Wild Goose Chases And Tails

The North American Adventure/Mini Life-Story! βœˆοΈ

Me and Ben on the plane I thought I'd relive some moments from a three-month grand adventure in North America, which I did in 2009 when I was 22, a few months after finishing my degree. I paid for it with a summer school job at my university and by sleeping in a tent in … Continue reading The North American Adventure/Mini Life-Story! βœˆοΈ

Why Schoolteachers Hate ‘im

"Erm, excuse me Miss?", "Yes, Robin?", "Err you've spelt 'woman' wrongβ€” it should have an 'A' instead of an 'E'", "…no, it looks correct…", "Wait, what? 'women' is the plural spelling of 'woman'", "No, this is the correct spelling for 'woman'", "It's 'one womAn', 'two womEn'!…How do you spell the plural of 'woman'?", "w. o. … Continue reading Why Schoolteachers Hate ‘im

Trauma Stories

A bit here,A bit there,No one person,Knows all of my trauma stories; Glimpses here,Glimpses there,A psychiatrist reacts with horror to just one of those stories,A psychologist is saddened by another of them,They are all impressed with my survivability,And shocked at the lack of insight into my struggles for so long; But there's no time,To explore … Continue reading Trauma Stories

I Used To Be Scared Of The Dark

I used to be scared of the dark,β€”No,I used to be terrified of the dark; It was a toss-up between darkness and big spiders,As to which was my worst phobia,Possibly darkness,Since darkness itself lent the possibility of hidden big black spiders…And countless imagined monsters,(Or just knife-wielding humans); My brain picked up on everythingβ€”I'd take in … Continue reading I Used To Be Scared Of The Dark