Sounds In The Night

It's alright,It's the middle of the night,I don't need those earphones,I can use the looser ones! It's the middle of the night,And it's oh-so-silent,I don't need much sound insulation,I'll be alriβ€” mmmMWWWEEEHRRRN mmwWWEERRHHHRNRN GRGRHGHHH RHGRR GRGGHH GHHhHhRRRrrhhhhhhh FUCK SHIT BOLLOCKS,β€”Oh,Maybe not, then,Jumped right out of my skin! Good thing was that the other day, on … Continue reading Sounds In The Night

Misfortunate Misophonia

There's a podcast episode,On my phone,Where the guy being interviewed…Has a major 'slocking' problem, β€”I'm talking about that sound which people make,When they talk whilst chewing chewing gum,Eating a boiled sweet,Or for whatever reason they are over-salivating; Of course, when I first heard that episode,It wasn't long before I pulled the earphones out in rage,And … Continue reading Misfortunate Misophonia