Weird Eurovision Experience

Last night's Eurovision semi-final was the first Eurovision show I've watched in about 20 years. I've been listening to some of the entrants' songs through youtube for a month already, so I was familiar with the skills and production quality of the various artists, including many of their great live performances. I had to give … Continue reading Weird Eurovision Experience

Sounds In The Night

It's alright,It's the middle of the night,I don't need those earphones,I can use the looser ones! It's the middle of the night,And it's oh-so-silent,I don't need much sound insulation,I'll be alriβ€” mmmMWWWEEEHRRRN mmwWWEERRHHHRNRN GRGRHGHHH RHGRR GRGGHH GHHhHhRRRrrhhhhhhh FUCK SHIT BOLLOCKS,β€”Oh,Maybe not, then,Jumped right out of my skin! Good thing was that the other day, on … Continue reading Sounds In The Night

Misfortunate Misophonia

There's a podcast episode,On my phone,Where the guy being interviewed…Has a major 'slocking' problem, β€”I'm talking about that sound which people make,When they talk whilst chewing chewing gum,Eating a boiled sweet,Or for whatever reason they are over-salivating; Of course, when I first heard that episode,It wasn't long before I pulled the earphones out in rage,And … Continue reading Misfortunate Misophonia