Five Questions

Captain Smith, it's been two weeks since your incredible…unbelievable rescue from the Pacific Ocean,How are you holding up!? Oh, ah…It's been a crazy two weeks that's for sure. Considering everything, I'm doing very well, thank you! It's amazing how the body recovers when it has what it needs. Is it true that you wrestled a … Continue reading Five Questions

No More Words

It was funny how even now, not much had changed;Funny, terrifying, surreal,It would be hard to sum it up in words,Complex emotions we'd never expected to feel;All the same, at some fundamental level we'd remained blissfully, wilfully unaware,These final few months; As the sky began to blot out,The darkening, growing shadow falling across the upper … Continue reading No More Words

Addiction To WordPress

I'd become addicted,To posting on WordPress, It pains me to admit it,But it was pretty obvious; I'd been hesitant, in the beginning,To see all of those 'achievements',Likes, follows, milestones,(Knowing my propensity to addiction); Don't do it, Robin,You've always eschewed the 'like',β€”Hated the idea of it,And never dreamed of pressing it; Yet, what is it exactly,That … Continue reading Addiction To WordPress