Why You So Small!? πŸ•β€πŸ¦Ί

Little MistyWhat are you doingBeing so small? I can't believe she was so smallWhenever I went to visit herShe was smaller than the last time I guess up-closeShe looked bigger whilst nosing herNosing her endlesslyOn her little black nose Why was she so small?Wagging her tail and flapping her earsSquealing in excitementTo see her "favourite" … Continue reading Why You So Small!? πŸ•β€πŸ¦Ί

Through The Gates Of Hell

When they are marched through the gates of Hell…Down into the deepest recesses of nothingness like some terminal mystery tour they didn't volunteer for,With the Earth they once knew so, so far above…so out of reach,I wonder if they'll regret it?I wonder if they'll look back over their shoulder, and thinkβ€” Damn, maybe I was … Continue reading Through The Gates Of Hell

Salacious Succulents 🌡

I wasn't initially a fan of succulent plants, as most of the ones I saw looked unappealing. I also couldn't see the point in cacti, which looked ugly and painful to me. Where's the value in having a ball of spikes sitting around? πŸ€” But then I noticed some 'aloe cactus' plants on Amazon, and … Continue reading Salacious Succulents 🌡

Impenetrable Defences

England will be allowed to play in their final group game against Czech Republic despite Scottish midfielder Barry Gilmour testing positive for Covid-19 shortly after the two sides' nil–nil draw; Following suggestions the England side should self-isolate, UEFA has referred to the UK government's own guidance on social distancing: COVID-19 spreads through close sustained contact … Continue reading Impenetrable Defences