Cro没ton’s Got Her Cute On 馃惞

Little Cro没ton is so cuteEe eye ee eye ohWith a sniff-sniff here and a sniff-sniff thereHere a sniffThere a sniffEverywhere a cute sniffLittle Cro没ton is so cuteEe eye ee eye oh! Also I was looking through Happy Hamsters' Instagram and found this older picture of Cro没ton. So she does like certain hoomans! 馃槫 Look … Continue reading Cro没ton’s Got Her Cute On 馃惞

Prime Minischnau

Elle va dans les annales de l'histoireEt dans l'histoire des animauxComme la premi猫re chienne schnauzer naine femelleQui a atteinte la position de Prime MinischnauEt servi pour deux termes c茅l猫bres et m茅morables. She goes down in the annals of historyAnd in the history of animalsAs the first female mini schnauzer dogTo have reached the position of … Continue reading Prime Minischnau

Her Legacy Is Cuteness

Leeeetle MeeesteeeI want to kiss her on the noseBut I can'tCos she ded 馃槶 But her cuteness remains in my brainSending me oxytocins from beyond the brane She knew what she was doingThe little bitch (what it's not swearing!)Over-the-topCuteness overloadHow powerful her allure. Now scratch my belly! 馃槖 I am sure that the ghost of … Continue reading Her Legacy Is Cuteness

Why You So Small!? 馃悤鈥嶐煢

Little MistyWhat are you doingBeing so small? I can't believe she was so smallWhenever I went to visit herShe was smaller than the last time I guess up-closeShe looked bigger whilst nosing herNosing her endlesslyOn her little black nose Why was she so small?Wagging her tail and flapping her earsSquealing in excitementTo see her "favourite" … Continue reading Why You So Small!? 馃悤鈥嶐煢

Through The Gates Of Hell

When they are marched through the gates of Hell鈥own into the deepest recesses of nothingness like some terminal mystery tour they didn't volunteer for,With the Earth they once knew so, so far above鈥o out of reach,I wonder if they'll regret it?I wonder if they'll look back over their shoulder, and think鈥 Damn, maybe I was … Continue reading Through The Gates Of Hell