Take me away to a place,Of heavenly sensory peace, Where the worst that can happen,Is all that's in my hands, Where OCD thought processes,Not triggered by outside disturbances,Where messes and housemateses,Are lost to infinite black abyss; Here on the other side of the universe,Completely out of sight,Where not even starlight can outrun me,As I push … Continue reading Dreamscapes

…Absence Of Sounds

Do you know what's been most striking to me,Over the last several hours? Relative silence...And a vast absence...of such disturbing noises!Also smells, And do you know what this has helped me with?β€”Anxiety and rumination; And this feeling so reminds me, and takes me back,To that such productive time, β€”The peace which existed from just before … Continue reading …Absence Of Sounds

Noise Is Not Funny

I still can't rest,Until I've got this off my chest, But the creaking of floorboards above me,Is making me so stressed; Now I'm aware, how my reaction to it,Is dependent upon my mental state,β€”Intensive exercise used to help with this,Although it had a half-life, then,And the benefit would abate; But this is a problem of … Continue reading Noise Is Not Funny

Three Trips For Sweet Revenge

Three trips,To the rubbish tip, Now I rest,Having accomplished it; I know this is virtue-signalling,But that's not why I'm saying it,Just trying to say,That I'm now done with it; And as I said to the council supporter,β€”I can handle it,When I know it's appreciated; I have to say,It was a big exposure therapy,β€”Controlling the OCD … Continue reading Three Trips For Sweet Revenge

Headphones πŸŽ§πŸ’™

Oh, god,When Headphones are charging, I appreciate anew,Just what they give me; Exposed once again,To sporadic sounds of slamming,Roaring of cars,And footsteps of brachiosaurs; What an onslaught!And just as I write...The most annoying whistling...Just walked on by πŸ˜†; I love the headphones,They are so effective,I'd be nothing without them,They've really been helping; I feel so … Continue reading Headphones πŸŽ§πŸ’™