Mental Health Spaces

Wellโ€ฆI've finished my project,Of becoming self-sufficient,โ€”I no longer need anything from the house,Except resupplies of water; Once every few days, I undertake a lonely voyage,Walking the long path through wastelands, aghast,(to the kitchen/bathroom),Carrying my empty jugs; The mental health benefits, so far,Have been enormous!I no longer care about the state of the house,โ€”It's none of … Continue reading Mental Health Spaces

Emergency Measures

"Cuire du flapjack et mettre le dans la boรฎte dans ma chambre!!!"(Cook some flapjack and put it in the tin in my bedroom); As I added this into my todo list,I had a small smile of great satisfactionโ€”I love finding these little tricks,Which increase my self-sufficiency within this bubble of safety; Having the ability to … Continue reading Emergency Measures