Stay Of Execution

I was looking forward to having a relatively good weekend,I was on the up again for a few days,But the person from Salvation Army's been phoning spontaneously again,Rather than the pre-arranged calls I originally requested; And they asked me for the thousandth timeβ€”When is it you're 35 again?Because that's the milestone that makes me deserving … Continue reading Stay Of Execution

Rammed Full Of Nows

All there is… is the moment-to-moment now,And what I want to do right now,Based on my past experiences,Inclinations,Ideas and plans, Notβ€”"Oh, but I haven't done it yet,so how could I do it now?", "I haven't done it in some ethereal, indefinable yet strongly gut-level order,It's not all part of some well-planned structure,A global masterplan,With full … Continue reading Rammed Full Of Nows