Recipe For OCD Disaster

A common disaster scenario which OCD can latch ontoβ€”One in which symmetry can be perceived,And when it comes to matters of hygiene OCD,Once that symmetry has been perceived, it becomes all-important! Some scenarios which inevitably suggest a possibility, prone to becoming a need, for symmetryβ€” β€”Doing something to one eye then the other, such as … Continue reading Recipe For OCD Disaster

How Easily I Lose Things

I'm endlessly surprised,At my ability to lose something, Within the space of 10 seconds; I'm great at not losing things over time,β€”I'm highly organised,Everything has its place,And it's easy to locate everything; But when things are en-route,Between such places,β€”There's the loophole,They can go missing! I just had my phone,With me in the car,Went to the … Continue reading How Easily I Lose Things