Say Please

Fuck you I can no longer make that runway!I’m going to have to ditch!! RS 1987, please don't be rudeβ€” Alert the coastguard!! …Say please, RS 1987, Please alert the goddamn-motherfucking-coastguard now!!!ARRRRrggggghhhhhh!!!!!!!!!Over and oβ€” ……… …M-my god,I'm s-so glad to see you…th-thank you, thank you!! …What is your name? My name………Is Robin Smith. CAPTAIN ROBIN … Continue reading Say Please

Deadstick Landing

I can literally see a runway off to my right! Ok, stand by for vector…Turn left heading two-niner-zero, maintain flight level one-hundred, And free to use any runway, yeah? … How many souls on board? Just one…me,I repeat this is a Mayday! Negative RS 1987, maintain holding pattern,All runways are currently occupied, But I have … Continue reading Deadstick Landing


Support,Cannot,Depend,On diagnosis,Because otherwise,You're,Invalidating,The intense suffering; Where has,All,The humanity,Gone?Whatever happened,To,Helping out,Family,And,Friends,And,Community? The heart is all gone,That,Is,Horrific; You're only deserving,Of,Help,If you have formal documentation; That,Is,So,Fucked up,It is,Beyond,Words. I am stressed for the same reasons as usual,And the autism assessment call is soon,But I haven't finished the 17 page questionnaire,And I've been trying to reschedule the call since … Continue reading Requirements

Maximum Resolve

The council person can never finish an email,Without putting me down with pessimistic tonesβ€” "To be eligible for a self-contained accommodation, you would need medical banding (your housing allowance is currently affordable for shared houses as you are under 35 years old). To change this, you will need to show Universal Credit you need a … Continue reading Maximum Resolve