An OCD Cycle

No OCD starting from now…Waitβ€”One last thing Right, no OCD starting from nowWait, no no,No OCD starting from NOW Damnit there was an annoying soundNow I'm itchingNow OCD starting from now… What the fuck? Shut the hell up πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚. Wait no that phrase reminds me of dismissive people from my past and traumatic memories… Argggh … Continue reading An OCD Cycle

OCD And Environments

Stability of mood,Minimising rapid shifts,They're crucial ingredients,For recovering from OCD, It's crucial to have a calm environment,No sudden, no hidden surprises, This does not mean, an immaculate environment,With every little thing under your control, But emotional stresses, arising from your particular quirks,They need to be taken into account; Some of these adaptations may be within … Continue reading OCD And Environments

Self-Love Comes To The Fore

Self-love comes to the fore,Now that I'm out of that one hole, at least, I'm out of the deep, dark emotional hole of that place,Where I was emotionally-insulated from the outside world,With its indifferent and stubborn walls; Indifferent, stubborn, insensitive, judging,From that (manipulative) mess I have arisen,It was a slow-motion disaster in the making,But it … Continue reading Self-Love Comes To The Fore

A Taste Of Sweet Freedom From Mental Prison

I have done it,I read a chapter of the book I wanted to read,A Stolen Life by Jaycee Dugard,And I enjoyed it and found it... This is going to sound absurd now, given what I just readβ€”I enjoyed and found relaxing, the act of reading,Because I was able to stay centered and non-reactive enough,And for … Continue reading A Taste Of Sweet Freedom From Mental Prison

God Does Not Play Dice

He plays dice with Rubik's Cubes. I've often used the following trick,To make difficult things seem easierβ€” I tell myself,At least it's not as hard as quantum mechanics,Which has never failed me; However, it now begs the questionβ€” Which is easier... Doing quantum mechanics with a more-or-less healthy mind?Recovering from trauma-induced OCD and dissociative habits? … Continue reading God Does Not Play Dice

Trauma And Doubts

It takes a long time to recover from trauma,Even without additional obstacles, Your path to reach a good point,Cannot be judged; It is a marathon in the making,Which utterly dwarfs that London one, But the high points, later on,Will make it all worth it. Unless you die of physical illness first,That's always the worry;But nevermind! … Continue reading Trauma And Doubts