Misfortunate Misophonia

There's a podcast episode,On my phone,Where the guy being interviewed…Has a major 'slocking' problem, β€”I'm talking about that sound which people make,When they talk whilst chewing chewing gum,Eating a boiled sweet,Or for whatever reason they are over-salivating; Of course, when I first heard that episode,It wasn't long before I pulled the earphones out in rage,And … Continue reading Misfortunate Misophonia

Real Persistence

Virus pandemic?What pandemic?It's barely touched me,Been the least of my worries; What an irony,Whilst others discover these mental health struggles anew,Of having structure and social contact torn away,For me it's just more of the same,With my main worry much greater than a measly pandemic,That's easy; A pandemic is not even second on my list,How ironic! … Continue reading Real Persistence

Staring At His F***ing Phone

I just died inside,My heart exploded with frustration, Because I needed to sleep long again,I had to cook some food at an unusual time (mid-afternoon), But, I put my headphones and music on,And was determined to not let housemates bother me, But,You can block them out and ignore them,But you can't do anything about them … Continue reading Staring At His F***ing Phone

Crisis In The Making

I went to lie down for a bit,Instinctively, Just to rest a little bit,And get out of my head; β€”Now this is where the antidepressants help me,They help me,To relax myself, But it's always the same,β€”Just as I start to relax,(And I started to feel great),AN EXPLOSIVE SOUND,From the ceiling above 😨,And another,A creepy, slow-motion … Continue reading Crisis In The Making

How Now…

I am on the verge of losing it,Despite all of my good intentions,Went in the kitchen to begin with it,β€”But once again, filled with smoke! Back door open, housemate there,Never wearing warm clothing,So the cold they cannot bear,β€”The solution, to stand at the door, shivering... Started the day,With positive intentions,And now I am enraged,I almost … Continue reading How Now…