We Have No Healthcare

I just don't understand how we're not protesting on a large scale here at the moment. Even for the usually-apathetic UK population this is surprising. I think a lot of people buy into the talk of protest having been made illegal last year, and just going along with that as something that's happened now, another … Continue reading We Have No Healthcare

Tipping Point

I was always wondering when the tipping point comes, and how does it come. Now I know the answer: here in the UK it's through the action of unions and formalised protests and strikes. Outside of those we are not coordinated or pro-active enough for large-scale political protests. These late-stage protests are instead industry/economy-related. If … Continue reading Tipping Point

A Time For Protest

It's the first summer Jubilee evening,And there's lots of people about, But I'm sitting here at home,Just hoping,It chucks it down all weekend; There has never been a better time,To be angry at the rich, powerful and privileged,Abusers, narcissists, taking us for fools,All the while thinking they're untouchable; One can only hope,That it's a total … Continue reading A Time For Protest

Momentum For Change

I still can't breathe,I still can't breathe,And I won't breathe,Until the weight has been lifted, Not just for George Floyd,Or for other black Americans,But for all victims of authority and injustice,Of which there are too many, It is always there,And I feel terrible for each example; Yes, some hit closer to home than others,But the … Continue reading Momentum For Change