Moving Forwards With Love

I still get caught up in self-loathing,And self-philosphising, Kicking myself for not doing what I planned,Then gaining perspective,Of the things stacked against me; And every now and then,Something properly kicks the perspective back into shape,And I'm putting myself in somebody else's place,And witnessing the strength required of others, And it helps to break out of … Continue reading Moving Forwards With Love

Appreciation #2

It's a little weird,To be doing this, When this daily stream of consciousness is...Contiguous with the last, (And still, somehow,I manage to be late!)But anyway, Some things that I appreciate: I woke up today,β€”Or rather,Gave up on sleep,But don't tell anybody!β€”I'm alive in the universe,That's a good thing; Living in this house...Has constituted an important … Continue reading Appreciation #2