Mysterious Metaphors

Imagine reading poems literally,With the metaphors constructing scenes,Concrete and usually totally absurd,In the mind; Perhaps metaphors are part of the original definition of what poems are,β€”As I've never heard nor seen a definition,I'm just guessing,But I've always wondered; Honestly, at some point,I thought it was just text arbitrarily broken up with commas,Maybe with some rhyming;There's … Continue reading Mysterious Metaphors

Crisis In The Making

I went to lie down for a bit,Instinctively, Just to rest a little bit,And get out of my head; β€”Now this is where the antidepressants help me,They help me,To relax myself, But it's always the same,β€”Just as I start to relax,(And I started to feel great),AN EXPLOSIVE SOUND,From the ceiling above 😨,And another,A creepy, slow-motion … Continue reading Crisis In The Making