Fort Plante Indoor Mini-Jungle πŸŒ΄

Since becoming inspired by Planterina on youtube I've had the goal of eventually being surrounded by an indoor jungle, because why not? All it takes is the right plants to start with, enough of them and time (not your time, but free time from the universe)! So far my jungle's been more of a vertical … Continue reading Fort Plante Indoor Mini-Jungle πŸŒ΄

Salacious Succulents 🌡

I wasn't initially a fan of succulent plants, as most of the ones I saw looked unappealing. I also couldn't see the point in cacti, which looked ugly and painful to me. Where's the value in having a ball of spikes sitting around? πŸ€” But then I noticed some 'aloe cactus' plants on Amazon, and … Continue reading Salacious Succulents 🌡

The Three Margateers β˜˜οΈ

Cringe warning. Margarita, my second ever plant (I now have 27!!), gave her body for the advancement of science. Not reallyβ€” she got infected 😭. Yet she lives on through the Three Margateers. Grown from her cuttings, they have all now been potted and named after starting life in a glass of water. Margarita, in … Continue reading The Three Margateers β˜˜οΈ

Da Babiess Of Fort Plante πŸ˜πŸͺ΄

A friend gave me echeveria leaves months ago…since that time I've created some (very) slow-growing baby ones! The babies grow from the ends of the adult leaves. I began with three leavesβ€” the third on the right-hand side has recently shrivelled away…the babies have fledged! I'm growing baby cactuses! Some of the green is just … Continue reading Da Babiess Of Fort Plante πŸ˜πŸͺ΄

Cassa Got The Caterpillars!

Cassa (Chinese money plant 😱) got the caterpillars! A few months ago I bought an insect net/velcro kit as a preventative measure to stop insects coming into my room, since that's always been incredibly annoying in summer but now with the plants it was an extra-good idea. I didn't get around to it until today, … Continue reading Cassa Got The Caterpillars!

Harry’s Not A Baby And Margarita Chopped Up πŸ˜±

Harry's not a baby, but a rhizome!! I dug up Snape, planning to repot the 'baby' Harry snake plant into a new pot, but discovered that Harry's just one of many rhizomes of the main plant. So, I'm not a grandplantrent after all!! …Or am I? Margarita got a disease and had to be chopped … Continue reading Harry’s Not A Baby And Margarita Chopped Up πŸ˜±