Value And Beauty In The Arbitrary

All the Universe is a rebellion against the second lawTime and space a changing relationship between information and energy; The beauty in life is in its subjectivityFlowing forwards not just from physical lawsBut from current circumstanceAnd future happenstanceIt enriches history and experienceFossils are as fossils areBecause the past is woven with momentous events The art … Continue reading Value And Beauty In The Arbitrary

Anti-Gravity Bootstraps

Non-third-law-compliant anti-gravity bootstraps are the key to interstellar travelβ€”For if a man can pull himself up by his own bootstraps,Then with enough of such material…A spacecraft can drag itself out of the solar system and across interstellar distances, at will; That's ridiculous; Don't f**kin' say it then unless you're prepared to imagine the physical consequences!! … Continue reading Anti-Gravity Bootstraps

A Loose Screw

They say that free energy is impossible,THat perpetual motion machines cannot exist,That time-travel, although theorthetically-maybe-possible, backwards into the past,Would be practically impossible because of the need for a stable space-time wormhole, WELL, Never underestimate the ability of a loose screw,To undergo instantaneous translations across the fabric of two-dimensional space,To gain arbitrary amounts of momentum from … Continue reading A Loose Screw

Old Man Quantum

I've been universing for 13.8 billion years…So don't you give me any of that shit,I know what I'm talking about! I may currently just be a collection of carbon molecules,Themselves made up of atoms,Sub-atomic particles,Sub-sub-atomic particles,All strung together with light,And other bosons, But I know a degenerate Bose-Einsteinian foolΒΉ when I see one! ΒΉ 'Einsteinian … Continue reading Old Man Quantum

Fucking Tesseracts!

Always getting in the way,Coming into our dimension,Thinking they know everything; They look down upon us,β€”Us spheroids,Cuboids,Squares,Lines and dots; They just pop in and out of existence like they own it,As they move above and below our plane of existence,Ignoring our rules,Ignoring our boundaries, Fuck…We can build a wall to keep out all three-dimensionals and … Continue reading Fucking Tesseracts!

One-Dimensional Being

One-dimensional being,Tell me,How do you keep looking forwards,So relentlessly? Do I have a choice?He replied, Me and my fellows,We agree to remain in constant forwards motion,Or else nothing would ever get done! How do you communicate? Alas, my only experience of the world…Is of varying shades of brightness,Ahead and behind, I can only ever hope … Continue reading One-Dimensional Being