A Moon’s Perspective

The evicted moon had rendezvoused with a pair of co-orbiting gas giants,An unlikely permutation in the cosmic dance; Don't you worry, they said,Behind you lies chaos and entropy,Ahead lies…well, yet more chaos,But in amongst it lie regions of relative order,Pockets of space, sanity; A hyperbolic trajectory is no state for a planet or a moonβ€”Those … Continue reading A Moon’s Perspective

That ClichΓ©d Covid Speech

I think we've all come to realise,During these past few months…The true value of face-to-face interaction, πŸ€”πŸ˜ As well as those other things in our lives which are important,And those which aren't, πŸ€”πŸ˜ And as a society we've been forced to confront… and to understand,Just how fragile our sense of normality,Even our mortality,And all of … Continue reading That ClichΓ©d Covid Speech

Mysterious Metaphors

Imagine reading poems literally,With the metaphors constructing scenes,Concrete and usually totally absurd,In the mind; Perhaps metaphors are part of the original definition of what poems are,β€”As I've never heard nor seen a definition,I'm just guessing,But I've always wondered; Honestly, at some point,I thought it was just text arbitrarily broken up with commas,Maybe with some rhyming;There's … Continue reading Mysterious Metaphors


I am overflowing with thoughts,Essays and essays of them,About anything and everything,Viewed from all kinds of angles; A lot of constructive and interesting thoughts,With occasional outlets for them, But I have no control over whenceΒΉ they flow!They are triggered in the moment,Especially through conversation; I have no hope of enumerating my thoughts,Or of what I … Continue reading Surplus